„Professional Pilots seeking to advance in their career will do a Multi-Engine Rating which will allow you to operate aircraft with more than one engine.

This rating will give you a competitive advantage when applying for a job at Airline and Charter companies. Many charter companies fly light twins like Cessna 414s or King Airs, with clients on board.

Requirements –

  • „Hold, as a minimum, a valid Private Pilot Licence.
  • „7 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction in a multi-engine aircraft
  • „Must have at least 70 Hours of PIC of Aircraft
  • „Have completed a minimum of 6 hours dual flight training on multi-engine aircraft, including not less than 2 hours dual flight training under normal conditions and at least 3.3 hours dual flight in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight.  At most 3 hours of the dual flight training may be acquired in an approved flight simulator.
  • „Pass a practical flight test with a SACAA-designated Examiner.