If you’ve always wanted to learn to fly, our Flying School provides professional flying training from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot licence, with standards that will ensure your success no matter what your aspirations are.

Located at Port Elizabeth Airport, with its sophisticated instrument approach facilities and uncluttered skies, the Algoa Flying Club is the ideal place for both basic and advanced pilot training. The perfect environment to learn to fly.

We are a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) accredited Private Pilot Licence (PPL) test centre. There is no longer any concern of unnecessary delays in completing the PPL as Private Pilot Licence theory testing is now available at our flight school.

Uniform high standards and consistent training methods are the hallmarks of our training system. You will learn to fly with flying instructors who are highly qualified professionals that take pride in the high standard of flying training for which our school is known.

You will find our attitude is friendly and professional, and our rates are most reasonable coupled with over 60 years of experience at all levels in the provision of flying lessons while individual lessons and personal briefings for each student ensure efficient progress and a very high success rate.

Many of our students who undertook pilot training at our flying school are today pursuing lucrative careers in aviation. When next you board an airline, anywhere in the world, remember that there is always the chance that the captain began his career at Algoa Flying Club.

The flying school is owned and operated by the Algoa Flying Club, a not for profit organisation of flying enthusiasts with the aims and objectives of promoting flying and flight training in all its facets and to the highest standards. It is an organisation that has long established roots and is highly respected as one of the leading flying schools in South Africa. Amongst our members are pilots from all walks of life and include many seasoned flying instructors and seasoned airline pilots. It’s the shared experience that helps to make the Algoa Flying Club the right place to earn your wings.

Please feel free to contact us regarding the training offered at the Algoa Flying Club.