Obtaining a Flight Instructor Rating will enable you to apply for employment at a flying school to teach future pilots to fly. 

It also allows you the opportunity to earn an income, while hour building for your Airline Transport Licence.

„Candidate instructors will initially be trained in lecturing techniques and will then prepare and present Private Pilot Standard theory lectures to students.  The course includes instruction in flight briefing and twenty hours of flight training in a single-engine aeroplane. „This is followed by a Flight Instructor test conducted by an external South African Civil Aviation Authority Designated Flight Examiner.


  • The applicant for a Grade III flight instructor (A) rating shall pass prior to the commencement of practical class and flight training the written theoretical knowledge examinations in the subjects listed below – (a) Applied Meteorology and Navigation; (b) Principles of Flight and Legislation.
  • „Hold a valid Commercial Pilot License.
  • „Complete 20 hours of Flight Instructor Patter.
  • „Pass 2 theoretical online examinations.
  • „Do at least 80 hours of Flight Instruction Briefings and preparation.
  • „Do a combined theoretical and practical flight test with a Designated Flight Examiner.
„ Grade III Instructor Course 2020

Our Instructor Rated Students

have all been employed after course completion, and work for various flying schools around South Africa, including ourselves…