Obtaining a Night Rating

As a valuable addition to your Private Pilot Licence, Algoa Flying Club offers pilots the opportunity to complete a Night Rating Course as part of their flight training.

A night rating is the next logical step for the private pilot and allows you to fly in visual flight conditions after dark. Not only is the rating useful but the 15 hours of training that you will carry out towards the attainment of the night rating adds greatly to your flying skills.

Students will be provided with the required study materials and full briefings on all facets of night flying, and will be required to pass the SACAA night-rating examination.

Course requirements are a minimum of 10 hours flight training under simulated instrument conditions. For the new pilot this will be a new and exciting introduction to the art of flying on instruments alone.

Of the 10 hours of instrument training:

  • 5 hours may be carried out in the FNPTII flight simulator.
  • A further 5 hours will consist of flying at night, including both training in night landings and night navigation.
  • The course includes a complete flight at night visiting the nearby towns of Grahamstown and Port Alfred.

When planning for a Private Pilot Licence consider extending your stay by about 14 days and add a night rating course as well.