Aviation English Proficiency Testing

The test is in accordance with ICAO and SACAA Standards. The ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements were developed to address the safety concern raised by accidents and incidents in which communication played a key role.
The Algoa Flying Club is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority to conduct English Proficiency Tests in accordance with the recommended standards as laid out by ICAO – All pilots must be able to understand and use the ICAO phraseology as well as international common practised English.

This test evaluates and assesses the following skills:
• Pronunciation
• Structure
• Vocabulary
• Fluency
• Comprehension
• Interactions

Test Method

Candidates will be asked a series of questions. Some questions relating to your work environment and other general questions.
The test is not testing your knowledge of the job or your options, but only your understanding and command of the English Language.
The Examiner will rate you on the 6 Proficiency skills mentioned above according to the ICAO recommended Rating Scale.

This Rating Scale has 6 levels as follows:
6 = Expert
5 = Extended (6 year validity)
4 = Operational (3 year validity)
3 = Pre-operational
2 = Elementary
1 = Pre-elementary

The Lowest score achieved on any of the Proficiency Skills becomes the overall Rating e.g. If you are rated (5) for Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Interactions, but you are rated (4) for Fluency, your overall rating becomes a (4).

Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Crews involved in Flight Operations in airspace where the use of the English Language is required must achieve a rating of 4, 5 or 6.
Candidates achieving a Rating of 3 or lower: Shall not be permitted to operate in International Airspace as May 2008, and shall have to be re-tested in order to comply. Re-testing can be conducted a maximum of once per week.

Candidates shall be tested simultaneously by 2 examiners:
An English Linguist
An Aviation Expert

Test Times
Booking a test session is essential. Please contact us to book your session.
The Test Duration is between 30 Minutes and 1 hour per candidate. Please note that some Tests may take a few minutes less and some may take a few minutes more.


Aviation English Proficiency Test: R500 (Non AFC Members) / R400 (AFC Members) per person (incl. VAT)