Obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot Licence

The highest level of pilot training in your professional pilot career is the Airline Transport Pilot Licence. This licence is required to fly for any airline, or to captain any aircraft exceeding 5700kg.

If this is your dream, you can achieve it at Algoa Flight Centre.

The requirements for the Airline Transport Licence are a current Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot Licence plus:

Ground School

The following South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) examinations with a minimum pass mark of 75%, must be completed:

  • Navigation General
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Technical & General
  • Flight Planning
  • Instruments
  • Radio Aids

Flight Experience

  • 1500 hours of flight experience – including at least:
    • 250 hours as Pilot-in-Command (PIC)
    • 200 hours cross-country PIC
    • 75 hours of Instrument Flying PIC
    • 100 Night hours PIC

A Class I Medical Certificate

  • A requirement in order to operate as an Airline Transport Pilot. The Class I Medical certificate must be renewed every 12 calendar months (if under 40 years of age) or 6 calendar months (if over 40).

You can commence ground school for your Airline Transport Pilot Licence immediately after obtaining your Commercial Pilot Licence, however, there is a time limit of 5 years to complete the 1500 flying hours, after completing your last exam.

It is advisable therefore, to being by building your flight experience to the necessary hours first, and when nearing the required hours, begin the ground school training. In this way, completion of the two requirements can coincide, without one delaying the other, or running out of time.

Algoa Flight Centre will guide you through the entire training process and provide you with the required ground school training according to your individual needs, whether you wish to begin from a student pilot level or merely wish to continue from previous training.