The Cessna 172 is a four place high wing aircraft. First produced in 1957, it is still in current production in 2006 and like the Cessna 152 is extensively used as a aviation trainer the world over. More than 35 000 have been built.

With a respectable cruise speed of 120kts and the ability to seat 4 people it is a perfect general purpose aircraft and is used by club members for cross country flying. Algoa Flight Centre has 2 Cessna 172 aircraft, ZS-KSF and ZS-MBP, both fitted with 160hp engines.

MBP has a 4 hour endurance but is also equipped with a full instrument flying panel and is therefore used very successfully in our instrument training program.

Engine Lycoming 0-320-D2J 160hp
Fuel Capacity 43 us gallons total
Fuel Capacity-Long Range 54 us gallons total
Cruise Speed 75% power 120kts @ 8000′
Range @ 75% power 440nm’s -Standard 585nm’s – long Range
Endurance @ 75% power 4.0 hrs including reserve – Standard
Endurance @ 75% power 5.7 hrs including reserve – Long Range
Rate of Climb 700ft/min @ Sea Level
Useful load 950lbs 172P 850lbs 172N
Take Off Performance at SL Ground Roll 725ft
Landing Performance @ SL Ground Roll 540ft