Still one of the most popular training aircraft in the world, the Cessna 152 aircraft is an upgrade to the Cessna 150, of which over 23 000 have been produced.

The Cessna 152 was fitted with a Lycoming 110hp engine as opposed to the 100hp Continental fitted to the C150. The gross weight was increased by 70lbs.

The light and effective control response and the forgiving nature of the aircraft in all phases of flight, including full spins, make it the perfect basic trainer and the ideal aircraft from which to progress to larger and more sophisticated types. The Algoa Flight Centre uses 3 Cessna 152′s in its flight training program.

Engine Lycoming 0-235-L2C 110hp
Fuel Capacity 26 us gallons total
Cruise Speed 75% power 107kts
Range @ 75% power 320nm’s
Endurance @ 75% power 3.8 hrs including reserve
Rate of Climb 715ft/min @ Sea Level
Useful load 540lbs
Take Off Performance at SL Ground Roll 725ft
Landing Performance @ SL Ground Roll 475ft