Cessna C72R: ZS-KND


This is a retractable-gear version of the Cessna 172 named the Cutlass 172RG. The 172RG additionally has a variable pitch, constant speed propeller and more powerful 180hp engine. As comfortable 4 seater aircraft, it is used for advanced training as well as hour building and hire and fly.

The instrument panel includes all avionics required for instrument training making it the ideal platform for students aiming for a Commercial Licence with Instrument Rating.

Engine Lycoming 0-360-F1A6
Fuel Capacity 66 us gallons total
Cruise Speed 75% power 140kts
Range @ 75% power 720nm’s
Endurance @ 75% power 6hrs including reserve
Rate of Climb 800ft/min @ Sea Level
Useful load 965lbs
Take Off Performance at SL Ground Roll 1060ft
Landing Performance @ SL Ground Roll 625ft