About Us

The Algoa Flying Club is an aviation training academy, and considered to be one of the leading flying schools, in South Africa, and has been in operation since 1956. We offer a wide variety of training options from complete novice to a Commercial Pilot Licence including Instrument rating, Instructor rating, Multi-Engine rating, up to Airline Transport Pilot Licence.

Our fleet of Cessna Aircraft, including the C152 the most popular training aircraft in the world, provides the ideal platform, whether for basic training or preparation for an Instrument rating, in our ILS equipped Cessna 172 and Cessna Cutlass. We also operate an FNPT II instrument flight simulator, the Elite S812.

This state of the art, Elite Evolution simulator is built to meet the rigorous JAR FSTD A standards. This allows us to do both Single Engine and Multi Engine Training as well as Instrument Re-validations in a sophisticated simulated environment.

With over 60 years of experience the Algoa Flying Club is proud of the high standards consistently achieved by our students and we aim to maintain the standards that are the recognised hallmark of many of South Africa’s top schools.

Course schedules can be tailor made to suit your needs and the full time course to a Commercial Pilot level takes approximately 12 months. The first intake of students preparing for a full time commercial pilot course is generally during January but full flexibility is possible for students who wish to start later in the year and provision is made every quarter for a new intake.

Individually tailored courses are also prepared for those students who already have a Private Licence or may have already completed a portion of the requirements.

Multi-engine training is carried out on a beautifully equipped Piper PA44 – 180 Seminole. This aircraft is available for conversions as well as advanced training.

Culture and Traditions

At Algoa Flying Club, we pride ourselves in being professional, safe pilots. More than this, our Flight School takes great pride in producing pilots of the same standard.

When a student pilot completes his or her first solo flight (a short unaccompanied flight), this milestone is marked at the club by a “Solo Party”. At the Solo Party, the student pilot’s tie will be cut, and the that portion will mounted to the club wall alongside all those that have gone before.

Location and Facilities

The Algoa Flying Club is located at Port Elizabeth’s conveniently situated airport that is minutes away from the beachfront and city centre. Port Elizabeth is situated on the South East Coast of South Africa, also known as the sunshine coast. The city is renowned for its fantastic beaches, calm surf and pleasant all year round climate. It’s a holiday maker’s paradise and is one of the main venues for a host of national sporting events and has become known as the ‘Watersport Capital’ of South Africa.

The airport is of international standard with two tar runways and full instrument landing facilities coupled with sophisticated radar control. This provides an ideal training environment giving our students the experience of real world air traffic control. The variable winds prevalent in a coastal setting are just another added benefit as our students have a fully rounded experience in a range of flight conditions.