The Algoa Flying Club finds its roots before the 2nd World war when the Port Elizabeth Aero Club was formed in 1929, training pilots on Tiger Moths.  The club was reformed in 1956 as the Algoa Flying Club, named after Algoa Bay on the coast of which the city is situated.  The local flying school came under club ownership in 1971. This makes the Algoa Flying Club one of the oldest and most established Flying Schools in South Africa.

We provide all forms of flying training and self-fly hire with the specific goal of making flying accessible to as many people as possible, within a friendly environment where members, students and their guests can relax after their flights.

The Algoa Flying Club, a not for profit organisation of flying enthusiasts with the aims and objects of promoting flying and flying training in all its facets and to the highest standards.

It is an organisation that has long established roots and is highly respected in South Africa. Amongst our members are pilots from all walks of life and include many seasoned flying instructors and seasoned airline pilots.

It’s the shared experience that helps to make the Algoa Flying Club the right place to earn your wings. Our rates are highly competitive and we provide a range of aircraft suited both to training the beginner and the advanced pilot.

This means that while flying with us is by no means cheap, we keep rates as low as possible, and provide a range of aircraft suited to both training the beginner and the advanced pilot, and allowing qualified pilots to fly for business and pleasure.

Our membership includes a wide cross-section of society, local and international and our students range from those who wish to fly for fun, all the way to those taking the first steps towards a flying career.  We boast a fleet of Cessna 152’s, Cessna 172’s, a Cessna 172Rg, a Sling 2, a Piper Comanche, a Piper Seminole and an Airvan GA8 and a SACAA Accredited Elite Evolution S812 (FNPT 11) Simulator, which offers Multi Engine Piston based on the Beech Baron B58 and a Single Engine Piston based on the Cessna 172RG.

Algoa Flying Club and Flight Training Centre have been in existence for more than 60 years.  We are proud of our high standard of training which, combined with a personal touch and rich history, sets us apart from other training organisations.  It would be our pleasure to explore the possibility of undertaking your training.



Whether your goal is a career in aviation or for your own private needs, the Algoa Flying Club will show you how easy and exhilarating it is to spread your wings.  This unique and time saving form of transport is wonderful for business contract work, aerial photography, charter and scenic tours, or just for the sheer joy of flying.

Uniform high standards and consistent training methods are the hallmarks of our training system.  Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who take pride in the high standard of flight training for which our school is known. We have been training pilots for over 60 years and proudly maintain the highest training and safety standards.

The full range of training for the Private Pilot Licence, Night Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating, Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Instructor Rating is offered, either full or part-time.

Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who take pride in the high standard of flight training for which our school is known. In addition to in-depth ground school lectures, each student receives individual attention and personal briefings to ensure efficient progress and success.

It is important to note that the course content and fees are based on the legal minimum requirements laid down by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. Obtaining of the licence is dependent on the student reaching the required standards and fulfilling the syllabus before being recommended by their instructor for the final flight tests. If reaching this standard takes a particular student more than the minimum stipulated, these additional hours will be charged extra at the prevailing hourly rate.

Algoa Flying Club is the flight training division of Algoa Flying Club, which means that students can experience fly-ins and rallies, having fun while they learn. There is also a welcoming and friendly social life centred around the Flying Club.




Video of Fly In to Rooikranz on the 23rd June 2018 – Jay Kilian's Farm (Made by Ross Pyle)

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Video of Fly In to Rooikranz on the 23rd June 2018 – Jay Kilian’s Farm (Made by Ross Pyle)



Algoa Flying Club The heart of flight training in Port Elizabeth

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